"No other type of escrow company is more strictly regulated and/or has a bigger stake in providing the best quality closing services for your real estate transactions than an Independent Escrow. We at PEAK Escrow are at the forefront of making sure that is exactly what our clients receive." - Richard Lynch, CFO

What is Escrow?

Escrow companies provide a service by holding funds, documents, and other items required for the completion of a real estate transaction until all agreed upon conditions have been met.  They bring together buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, title insurance companies, and the various transaction-related documents and funds. When conditions have been met and all the paperwork is in order, escrow closes the transaction and distributes these to those involved. The sellers get their proceeds, the buyers get their property, documents are distributed, and funds are disbursed.  All of this happens through the actions of an escrow officer. 

While few may understand what they do in detail, it is easy to see why escrow officers are largely responsible not only for making sure the transaction is completed and done so properly, but they also strongly influence the quality of the experience for those involved. This is why choosing an escrow officer is an important decision. PEAK Escrow prides itself on providing the highest quality escrow services possible and has been doing so for many years.

What is an Independent Escrow Company?

An Independent Escrow Company is one that is licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight (DBO), which is in contrast to escrow providers in California that are owned and operated by real estate brokers or title companies. These companies are "controlled" (no special license required) by either the Department of Real Estate (DRE) or the Department of Insurance (DOI).

Why Use Independent Escrow?

  • A Neutral 3rd Party
  • No Affiliation with Real Estate Brokers or Insurance Companies
  • Income Solely from Escrow Services, Not Sales Commissions or Insurance Premiums
  • Existence Relies On Providing Quality Escrow Service, Not Other Businesses
  • Rigorous Regulatory Oversight
    • Regulated by the California Department of Business Oversight
    • Mandatory Background Checks of All Owners and Employees
        • Department of Justice
        • Federal Bureau of Investigations
    • Subject to Financial Stability Requirements
    • Annual Independent CPA Audits and “Surprise” DBO Audits Every 3 Years
    • Required Fidelity Bonding to Protect Consumer Funds from Theft

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